MPM offers a streamlined and hassle-free approach to construction projects.

Our experienced team strive for transparent communication, clear accountability, and no-nonsense management to ensure projects are delivered.

Our Services

Reliable, effective, and no-nonsense project management sits at the core of our business. As your Project Manager, we will save you time, mitigate risk and provide solutions to the challenges that arise during a construction project.

We work on your behalf as an expert team focused on a consistent, high-quality approach to administering contracts.

Project monitoring helps to protect the stakeholders in a project, ensuring the final build is delivered to meet your brief and specification.



Laying out clear strategy and considering all possible implications on your project.


We make decisive recommendations for action to ensure your project stays on track.


We take responsibility for delivering your project in an efficient manner to the highest quality.

Tristan Evans

Founder & Director

We're about presenting clients with solutions, not problems.


“The reason our clients choose to work with us is because we solve problems quickly and without fuss. 

Your life is busy enough as it is, and our job is to keep your project moving as efficiently as possible. 

With a track record of delivering complex projects, we understand what’s needed to keep projects moving, even when challenges arise. By thinking quickly and finding solutions, we make sure that your project stays on track.”

Tristan Evans, Founder & Director

Motion's Story

Our Founder and Director, Tristan, first discovered his love of construction during childhood weekends helping out his dad, a painter and decorator, and it’s here that Motion Project Management’s story began.

After developing his passion throughout his youth, he decided to study Architecture at Uni in Manchester. It was during his training at an architect’s practice in Bristol that he discovered he had an aptitude for project management. Following a move to a project management consultancy in London, the freelance opportunities began to roll in and Tristan realised he had identified a gap in the market for his no-nonsense style of project management.

And so, in 2021, Motion Project Management was born. The business grew throughout 2022, with Tristan hiring his first team member and opening up MPM’s first office in Manchester. Today, the team continues to grow, and has offices in London and Manchester.



Our commitment to you

We take ownership of delivering your project. 

No unnecessary reporting. No sugarcoating. No excuses. 

Straightforward lines of communication, clear accountability and reliable project management that ensures your project is delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Looking to start a project?

We can help with direct, effective and solutions-driven project management.